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Earn passive income from the first year of investments

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Here you can invest in profitable businesses on scale and receive periodic payments.

Become an investor

What is Roitok?

Roitok is a crowdinvesting platform where private and professional investors can invest or give a loan to the established businesses and receive periodic payments.

On our platform you can create a portfolio of projects that will give you additional passive income.

  • Projects on the platform may perform annual yields of 10%+ Euro
  • Minimum threshold for investing start from 100 Euro
Loan Austria

Two level apartments in Vienna

Reconstruction of the roof of a residential building with the construction of 9 new two-level apartments with terraces in the central district of Vienna.

  • Funded
  • Profitabilityup to 11%
  • Investors6
Raised Target € 197,943 € 300,000
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With Roitok you can:



Reinvest dividends into another project right on the platform



Withdraw dividends to your bank or personal account



Resell dividends back to the businesses or to other investors

How you can earn passive income


Equity - purchase of a share with expectation of a higher value at the point of resale. The goal is to make a formidable one-time profit when selling an asset.


Dividends - investing in assets that only give periodic returns. The value of the asset does not change.

Equity + Dividends

Equity + dividends - buying a share that gives the holder periodic profit due to growth in price with possibility to sell equity as an asset


Loan - capital management at a fixed percentage of return for a certain period with periodical payments

Why invest on Roitok?

We combine both digital and traditional securities with debt and equity rights giving maximum variety of investment opportunities.

We onboard profitable businesses on scale with existing revenue. It enables investors to receive dividends at any given moment versus waiting for the company to become public or merged by other companies (IPO or M&A).

Projects on our platform can be provided with equity buyout opportunities that make more options for the investors to exit.

Access carefully selected deals

A large number of companies from different fields apply to our platform. They are all united by one thing - these are selected prospective companies with reaffirmed backgrounds that attract investments to grow their business which means that investors can earn alongside their growth.

Campaign Submission

Entrepreneur submits their crowdinvesting project to Roitok platform

Initial Screening

Campaign is reviewed to check if it is viable, appropriate and engaging

Campaign Goes Live

Once a campaign meets our standards and performs series of live pitchings it is approved and made available for investment

Apply to next live pitching session

Stay tuned and learn about new investment opportunities

We've got you covered

Investing in growth-stage businesses involves much lower risks. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that each investor gets the best investor protection and can share in business success.

Investor protection

Every investor receives extensive protections and rights with our professional-grade shareholder agreements.

Campaign curation

We thoroughly vet each campaign to ensure that statements are fair, clear and not-misleading before they go live.

Simple co-investment

Angel investors and venture capitalists invest alongside, and on the same terms as friends, family and supporters.

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How to become investor on Roitok

  • Step 1Registration and identity verification (KYC\AML)
  • Step 2Registration and identity verification (KYC\AML)
  • Step 3Invest into project via the Roitok platform from personal bank account
  • Step 4Wait until the project is funded by other investors
  • Step 5Receive monthly dividends
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